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Over the past few year and after publishing various H&S threads on a few Urbex forums, focusing on dust masks and the
dangers of being exposed to Hazardous fumes and materials, I started this collection. Though back then purely based the
function of the filter types, it soon grew into a vast collection With various types from international sources. Although most
of them in new condition there are a few that are used rarities, prototypes or special versions.
Most masks would have been tested at some point before issue. The MOD have a facility in Lincoln where they test
And build custom ranges to be used on specific missions, long term and short term. Most cases manufacturers will send
sample to Lincoln for testing before any investment be made. Over the years there have been many changes to the masks
Construction process, shape and or filter type, A classic would be the switch from the Avon S6 to the Avon S10 series masks.
Then with the S10 series came the N10, SF10, AR10 and various other custom versions.